Since Crafter model descriptions tend to be a little cryptic the following chart should help you understand.

Table of model descriptions

Grand Auditorium, Dreadnought Designation for the body shape. Dreadnought guitars have a bigger body and thus more low-ends which makes them fit best for chord accompaniment and strumming while grand auditorium guitars are best for picking and solos
Shortscale Smaller guitars that are best fit for all those with smaller hands or those that seek the playing feel of an electric guitar on an acoustic
Lite Matt laquered surface
HiLite High gloss laquered surface
TE/D/GAE etc. These are model designations:
TE (orchestra model), GA (grand auditorium), D/DE (dreadnought)
CD/MH/SP etc. Top wood designations:
CD (cedro), MH (mahogany), SP (spruce)
N/BR/VTG/BK etc. Top finish designations:
N (nature), BR (natural brown), VTG (vintage burst), BK (black)