You like to play solos?

Then a Grand Auditorium model is the right instrument for you. With its clear and crisp mid and high-ends, it's suited best for solos and picked rhythms.

Every inch handcrafted!

The Schloff Acoustic Yard features Crafter and Kirkland acoustic guitars which are hand-optimized with great care in our custom shop - "Schloff tuned!" This way, we are able to offer acoustic guitars that play like custom guitars, but cost considerably less.


Model Crafter Grand Auditorium TE6/MH/BR  
Scale length 25.5" (650mm)  
Woods Mahogany (top, back, ribs, neck)
Rosewood (fingerboard)
Pickups CR-T GV (LCD Tuner) preamp
with cable pickup
Surface finish Matt, natural finish  
Accesories Gigbag, Elixir strings  
Price € 669 Add to basket
I tend to write on an acoustic guitar or the piano. I have kind of a rule: if I can't sit down and play this and get the song over, I don't take it to the band, because most any good song, you can sit down and deliver it with a piano or a guitar.

- Tom Petty

Crafter Grand Auditorium TE6/MH/BR - Features

Crafter Schloff tuned! Preamp

The 3-band equalizer lets you add your very own timbre before the signal goes on to the amp. A phase reverse control provides you with even more space for sound experiments, while an integrated tuner and an anti-feedback control round off the image.

The battery can be accessed without any tools and it is placed in the central solid part of the guitar. Thus, the preamp is pretty light and doesn't put all that much load on the rib. As soon as you unpack your Crafter guitar, it is ready for the stage. Just plug it in and rock out!