"Got twang?!"

If George Harrison's "Something" is what comes to your mind now, then you know what Telsa wants to sound like!

Aces up our sleeves?

The Black Ace Classics are no simple copies. Various construction methods have been modified by us to meet modern handling demands and to increase the instruments' road capability. All technical and crafting specs concerning the sound are made the same way as the legendary classics though. This is how we create modern working horses with the virtues of traditional vintage instruments.


Model Black Ace Classics Telsa  
Scale length 25.5" (647mm)  
Woods Alder (body)
Maple (neck)
Rosewood (fingerboard)
Fretboard radius 15.75"  
Pickups Häussel broadcaster  
Surface finish Sunburst  
Price € 998 (incl. gigbag) Unfortunately out of stock!

Guitar is easy, all it takes is 5 fingers, 6 strings and 1 a**hole.

- Keith Richards

Black Ace Classics Telsa - Features

Telsa Häussel pickups

Telsa's dowry for you are Häussel broadcaster PUs with a fatter winding and Alnico 3 magnets. More output, more twang, more traditional 50's sound! The neck PU is height-adjustable without taking off the pickguard.

The Gotoh bridge features flattened sides so that there's no unnecessary metal interfereing while you play palm-mutings. The compensated saddles enable significantly improved intonation. Authentic materials for authentic sound!

The staggered Schaller machine heads ensure a more levelled positioning at the nut. With more pressure on the D- and G-string, yet less pressure on the E-strings, the tuning stability increases considerably.

The truss rod's accessible through a minimal routing in the pickguard. This way, you can adjust the action without removing the pickguard or even the neck.