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Here we offer you:
Demonstration models
"Schloff tuned!" instruments and furthermore,
prototypes and special offers at low prices.

Here are some Black Ace Classics models that stand out from our standard production line.

Black Ace Classics Jazmine Prototype

Jazmine's prototype was built with a different headstock shape and thus remains a one-of-a-kind instrument!

Pickups: Häussel JB BigMag for fat and modern JB sound.

Body - alder
Neck - maple
Fingerboard - rosewood

Price: € 919

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Some of these demonstration models are available with huge price cuts. Get yours now!

Schloff Guitars Incas Liné

This extravagantly finished Incas comes with the following specs:

Body - khaya mahogany
Neck - flamed maple
Fingerboard - rosewood

Tuners: Schaller M6
Pickups: Schloff Custom, handwound. The middle PU is a humfree singlecoil in HB format - the Schloff "Buckfisch".

Price: € 4800

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Schloff Guitars Incas Semisolid

This Incas is our first semi solid model and features a violin shaped top and two resonance chambers.

Body an neck - sipo mahogany
Fingerboard - rosewood
Top - quilted maple

Price: € 3750