The Rocktyfier was conceived as a simple working horse without unnecessary gadgets and that still offers a broad sound variety. With its 5 way switch, the characteristic sounds of the three most important basses are easily selectable.

The Rocktyfiers shown here are just examples of what a Schloff custom bass might look like. Of course, we can build your Rocktyfier with the woods, hardware and pickups of YOUR choice!


Model Rocktyfier
Versions 4 stringed (34" scale)
5 or 6 stringed (35" scale)
Pickups Häussel, built according to Schloff guidelines
Surface finish For example: Atlantic Sunburst (see above). High gloss finish available in various colours, as well as oil & wax (natural finish). We prefer to oil & wax the back of our necks.


Rocktyfier features - Häussel pickups

Häussel pickups, built according to Schloff guidelines. A 5-way switch with sounds ranging from funk to dirty rock and metal - there's something for everyone!

Reversed truss rod, accessible at the end of the fingerboard. No unnecessary routing in the vulnerable neck-headstock area.

Bolt-on construction with a longer neck that extends all the way to the neck PU. This is both service-friendly and presents the perfect balance between bolt-on constructions and neck-through sustain.