The T-Paul is a modern and elegant version of the classic Californian single cut guitar. We build this guitar either as a plain top variant (optionally with a comfy shape for your forearm) or analogically to the Incas '59 with a violin shaped top. Semi solid construction is available as well.

The T-Pauls shown here are just examples of what a Schloff custom guitar might look like. Of course, we can build your T-Paul with the woods, hardware and pickups of YOUR choice!


Model T-Paul
Woods Will be selected based on your very own sound objectives
Pickups Schloff custom, handwound and matching the specific instrument.

Additional Piezos for acoustic sounds or hexaphonic midi control are possible as well
Tuners Sealed, permanently lubricated, with conventional shaft or backlock system
Bridge Wraparound, hardtail, tunomatic/stoptail constructions as well as various tremolos are possible
Surface finish High gloss finish in various colours, as well as oil & wax (natural finish) are possible. We prefer to oil & wax the backs of our necks


Schloff custom T-Paul bolt-on neck and neck transition

Bolt-on construction with a longer neck that extends all the way to the neck PU. This is both service-friendly and presents the perfect balance between bolt-on constructions and neck-through sustain. The comfy neck transition enables you to effortlessly reach higher registers.

Reversed truss rod, accessible at the 20th fret. You don't need to loosen the strings to access the truss rod - just unscrew the cover plate and that's it!

All three pickups are handwound custom PUs. This T-Paul is equipped with two hum-free Schloff "Buckfisch" single coils in humbucker format (middle and neck position). The middle PU is recessed for easier playing.