A pack of backup strings, a tuner and a gigbag are included in the rental price.

Guitar rental service Kiel

Why should I rent a guitar when I can simply buy a cheap one everywhere?

That's a good question! The answer to this is the quality. And quality counts already in the beginning. If you start playing on an unergonomic and constantly out of tune guitar you'll develop a wrong technique that takes forever to get rid of. An inferior instrument will delay the learning progress. In the worst case it'll make it impossible. A well playing instrument however is the basis for rookies to have sustainable fun at playing the guitar and not to stop frustratedly after a short time.

It is technically impossible to build a good guitar for 100 euros since especially the final processing needs a lot of handcraft and time that's mostly saved in the lower price segment. This is why the guitar rental service Kiel offers well playing guitars for rookies at advantageous rates.
All our rental guitars are optimized for perfect playability in our custom shop. The effect is: progress will be achieved sustainably and fast. There's no need to fight against an unfit instrument and lose interest in this great hobby after just a while.

During the rent, there's no problem to change from a half size guitar to a 3/4 sized or full sized instrument.


1 week € 35
1 month € 30
2 months € 25 per month
3 months and more € 20 per month