Modification and tuning (guitar service Kiel)


...eliminating unplayable action in our setup service
...exchanging lame pickups with your desired PUs (we got great conditions for Häussel PUs!)
...alterating circuits
...rebuilding fretted instruments as fretless ones
...tuning guitars with premium hardware (Schaller, ABM, Gotoh etc.)
...not even done with that! Just ask us what we can do for you.

We've already started with wild alterations back in the deepest 80s. Today, we're able to obtain a lot of original parts to tune your guitar. Just get an appointment and come over!

It doesn't always need to look this radical, but this actually is an alteration. This is one and the same guitar! We've been working on this one for over 30 years, until nothing was left of the original.

Prices (excerpt)

Setup starting at € 44
Fretless alteration starting at € 285 (e.g. fitted with lines, fretboard sealed with special laquer)
Everything else just ask us!