The person behind Schloff Guitars & Basses is me, Michael Schillhof. I've been repairing and modifying guitars and basses since the early 1980s.

80s! Living in the 80s!

Schloff Guitars & Basses - the very beginning

This is me relaxing under my first modification back in the 80s. I was still a school boy and this strat had to suffer various PUs, tremolos, color changes, pickguards and whatever else I could think of.

My boss seemed to have laquered something in red before I got the spray gun. I filled in white laquer and... the guitar was pink! Luckily, this trend didn't spread all too much.


Schloff Guitars - a trip to Formentera (Spain)

Pretty soon, modifying instruments was no more enough for me. I wanted to create a completely new guitar concept. I packed up my stuff and boarded the airplane to Formentera where the owner of the "School for electric guitar construction" taught me how to build professional instruments.

The first concepts for my Incas and Rocktyfier designs originated between palm trees and wild sessions that lasted all night long. A great and memorable time. The former owner Thomas Stratmann remains a big idol and influence for me.

Before we did the last sanding of the bodies it was usual to throw them into the ocean so that the fibers would raise one last time. My body drifted away in the direction of a stone group so I had to save it as fast as possible. Since I still had my photo camera in my pocket there's sadly not more photographs from this time.


The very first sketch of our Incas model

This is the first Incas concept, drawn on Formentera.

After my training as a carpenter, I had the opportunity to work for Warwick in Markneukirchen. My dream came true as I was able to build professional instruments in a modern production plant. Pretty soon, I became the department head of the pre-production for all Warwick basses, Framus guitars, amplifier and cabinet housings. After I left Warwick in 1999, I returned to Northern Germany.


Schloff Guitars Rocktyfier

I've been building custom instruments in Kiel since 2004 under the sign of Schloff Guitars & Basses.

I'm looking forward to discuss the design of your favorized instrument, to pick the woods and parts with you and to see your eyes light up when you sit in my show room having your custom instrument in your hands for the first time.

Building an instrument is always a process that inspires me a lot. Starting from picking the woods and ending with the final setup and fine adjustments. You'll profit from my years of experience as you'll take an instrument home that's characterized by great sound and unrivalled ergonomics.

Every Schloff instrument reflects my passion and know how that's needed to adjust it to a certain customer's wish. I'm looking forward to your ideas!