Dagon - Concept

Dagon is a water deity, best known through H.P. Lovecraft's tales "The Shadow over Innsmouth", "Innsmouth clay" and "The Fisherman at Falcon Point". He is worshipped by degenerate inhabitants with webfeet and gills who long for living under the sea. We've built two different versions of this model because during the drawing sessions, we simply couldn't decide which one looks better.

The Dagon shown here is just an example of what a Beast of the East custom guitar might look like. Of course, we can build your Dagon with the woods, hardware and pickups of YOUR choice! All handbuilt instruments are available as left-hand models as well.

The guitar's name in Cyrillic script is the trademark of the Beast of the East Series. The names were inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, according to the specific instrument's concept.


Model Dagon asymmetric
Scale length 25,5" (650mm)
Woods Alder (body)
Walnut/Maple reinforced (neck)
Ziricote (fretboard)
Vulcan fiber (headstock veneer)
Karelian birch (top and back veneer)
Walnut burl (headstock back veneer)
Pickups Schloff custom,
handwound and matching the specific instrument
Hardware Schaller Satin Pearl
Inlays "Otec Dagon" (headstock)
Dagon's eye (fretboard)
made of MOP
Surface finish Steel grey, high gloss


Moonbeast - Detail Spannstab

Reversed truss rod, accessible at the 20th fret. You don't need to loosen the strings to access the truss rod - just unscrew the cover plate and that's it!

Beast of the East guitars are built with bolt-on necks since we value the advantages this method offers in terms of service. Nevertheless, the neck transitions are as smooth as in the case of NT instruments and the sustain of our guitars speaks for itself.

Both PUs are passive and handwound custom creations. In the production of passive PUs, we put great emphasis on highlighting the sound character predefined by the woods used instead of just aiming for high output. Especially in the case of metal pickups, we strive for a good balance between volume and dynamics, so that all pinch harmonics come out as great as they're played.